Monday, February 18, 2008

Another night..............

So, I am sitting on my bed where Gideon can have a clear view of me (since I am tired of carrying him back up to bed when he sneaks downstairs) as I type the first of what will surely turn out to be only a semi-annual post to my blog. After thinking it over I am starting to get a little excited about sharing what my little guys are up to. Although, let's be honest; Corine and maybe occasionally Chris are going to be the only people who read this in part because you two are the only ones who know this little site exists. But enough of that - where to begin?
Well, first of all Gideon is back to getting out of bed 25 times at night. So in order to pre-empt the alarming number of times I will have to go up the stairs, I sometimes sit on our bed until he falls asleep. And since I can hear a lovely combination of snorting and thumb sucking I think it is mission accomplished. Now I am back downstairs and none-to-soon because Adam has found a fasinating show about ants that we can watch.
Eli is learning how to read and I am very excited about his progress. I think he assumes that any day now he will just be able to read anything he wants. He wanted to buy a book the other day and when I asked him how he would read it he said he would just sound it out. On the bright side I'm a pretty good reader now. "I am Mit, meet me". He is a good student who already hates homework. And we're talking "circle all the g's" type work. We are reading "The Magic Tree House" series together and it is a lot of fun. When your kids get older I highly reccommed them. Right now Lij's favorite pastime is playing Metroid on the Wii with Adam. I have noticed he spends a lot of time calling Adam on his cell phone (which Adam insisted he memorize) to get advice. Oh, and most excitedly he has pottytrained himself at night. His idea no less. He wanted to buy a few toys from all a dollar that would serve as his reward for staying dry and it worked. Although Adam and I deserve some credit for carrying his 50 some odd pounds to the toilet before we went to bed each night - which he slept through by the way. It was tricky but worth it.
Our sweet little Giddy is a crack up. He lives to do everything his big brother does. Good and bad. If Eli growls when he's angry, you can rest assured Gid will start growling as well. What Eli likes Gid likes too. Especially if it's cars or trucks or airplanes. He can make excellent sound effects and does frequently with everything. He loves nursery - it's his place or was until I got called as nursery leader. I think he is getting used to me and is willing to share his space with me. He has the funniest personality and a funny little vocabulary. If you ask him if you can touch his head or kiss his belly he will say "no. it's special" in his strange little accent/baby lisp. As much as Giddy misses Eli when he's at school he loves playing with his toys when he's not around. He loves his legos and starwars toys and can (unfortunately) name many of the characters. He loves stories and being read to and is one of the most snuggly kids I have ever met - with me anyway. He climbs in bed with us every morning. It's very lovely at first until he starts to chat. I just pat him and say "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and try and bribe him into going downstairs and watching tv. Rude, I know but I'm not a morning person.
Well, I would write about Adam and myself but we are boring and believe it or not I have been writing for over an hour. You will just have to tune in sometime around July for part two of the "bi-yearly" blog.